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Poptartz CD - REACTCD 67

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  • CD
Thursday 7th December 1995
Electronic Trance


Disc 1 [CD]
1 Movin' 2 Music Finito
2 My Love (Shades Dub) Shades Of Rhythm
3 The DJ Dubs (Dave Valentine Mix) Eddie Lock & SMC Project, Dave Valentine, Self Preservation Society
4 We Got The Love (PG Tips) Erik
5 Comes Over Me Stylofoam
6 Mooncat (Delirious DJ Remix) The Shaker
7 Changeling Tan-Ru
8 Move And Groove (Original) Basement Of Sound
9 Raise The Feeling Shades Of Rhythm
10 Protein Tata Box Inhibitors
11 Storm Space Kittens
12 Let The Fun Begin (No F.T. No IQ Mix) Fluffy Toy I.Q.
13 Think About It Stylofoam
14 Do Me (Forced Mix) Aquarius
15 Electroluv The 4th Wave
Disc 2 [CD]
1 Hideaway (Deep Dish Remix) De'Lacy
2 Deliver Me (Urban Blues Project Vocal Mix) Urban Blues Project
3 A Feeling (Heller & Farley Project Remix) Jasper Street Co.
4 One Love Mix Claudio Coccoluto
5 I Won't Waste Your Time '95 (Jorio's Dark Garage Feeling) Joi + Jorio
6 Reboot 144 (Original Mix) OLN
7 Everlasting Pictures (Right Through Infinity) (Booker T's Everlasting Klub Mix) B-Zet
8 You Can't Turn Around (Club Mix) Bottom Dollar
9 Do It To Me (Platinum Dub) Frankie Dark
10 Let No Man Put Asunder (Let No Man Put Asunder (Love To Infinity 'Yellow Cab' Mix) First Choice
11 Welcome To The Factory (Angel's Journey Mix) Angel Moraes
12 Work 2 Doo (Bates Motel Mix) Roach Motel
13 Dancing In The Year 2000 From The Soul
14 Don't Go (UK Trance Mix) Sound Design
15 Club America Club America
Disc 3 [CD]
1 Dreamtime (Quivver Vocal Mix) Zee Cowling
2 Same Thing In Reverse (Clubzone Rough Trade Dub) Boy George
3 El Metro (From Russia With Love Mix) Disco Volante
4 Joanna (Shimmon & Woolfson Remix) Mrs. Wood
5 Fee Fi Fo Fum (12" Mix) Candy Girls
6 Freaks (Rio Rocka Club) Lippy Lou
7 Never Felt This Way (Happy Mix) Hi-Lux
8 Indoctrinate Castle Trancelott
9 Floribunda (Full Blossom Mix) Mother's Pride
10 Do You Want Me (The Mudmen's Dirty Mix) Mambo
11 Don't You Want Me (Candy Girls Remix) Felix
12 Rollerskate Disco (Hanson & Nelson Remix) Ian Pooley
13 Shake Your Booty (Down By Law Mix) Ill Disco
Disc 4 [CD]
1 Come On Y'All Rhythm Masters
2 Come Together (FM Mix) Double FM
3 Diva (The Male Diva Parts I & II) Club 69 Feat. Ivan Leaparr
4 Transform Andres Mijangos
5 Happiness (Is Just Round The Bend) (Daily Signing Mix) Brooklyn's Poor And Needy
6 Let The Rhythm Flow (Club Mix) Diva Rhythms
7 Lost In You (Luvspunge Re-Mix) Matt Bianco
8 Feel Good (Verlanzi Club Mix) B-Code
9 Forerunner Natural Born Grooves
10 Who's The Bad Man (Sound System Mix) Dee Patten
11 Rock 2 Tha Beat (The Greenery Mix) R.M. Project
12 House Music (In My Brain) (Original Mix) Mark N-R-G
13 Unbe (Bootleg Mix) R.A.W.
14 La Casa Adrian & Alfarez
15 Energy Tribe RMS
16 If We Lose Our Lovin' D.M.B.