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DJs Take Control: The Collection CD - ORCD030

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DJs Take Control: The Collection
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  • CD
One Records


Disc 1 [CD]
1 Bring It Back To Love (Underground London Mix) Gerideau
2 I Know A Place Sound Of One
3 Philadelphia Black Science Orchestra
4 Alright Old School Junkies
5 I'm Your Brother (Club Version) Round One
6 Never Leave You Lonely (Stonebridge Mix) Diva Convention
7 My Love (Masters At Work Underground Network Mix) People Underground
8 Never Gonna Be The Same (JNG Vocal Mix) Northbound
9 Good Time (Masters At Work Mix) Jazmina
10 Sailaway (Derek's KJ Club Mix) Carl "E" Feat. Lifetime
11 Good Luv (Good Club Remix) Xaviera Gold
12 I Want It, I Need It (Real Love) (MK Dub) Saundra Williams
13 Soul Roots Edward's World
14 Feeling Urban Generation
15 Let Me Show You Love (Sensory Dub) Buzzin Cuzzins Feat. Romanthony
16 Hideaway (Blaze Mix) De'Lacy
17 House Is A Feeling Sunday School
18 Release It Signal Hill
Disc 2 [CD]
1 Elevate Your Mind King-Size
2 Welcome To The Factory Angel Moraes
3 The Conga Trip Baby Bumps
4 Kick It In (Wicked Mix) Keith Litman
5 Slumberland (Lex Loofah's Phat Phunk Mix) Solitaire Gee
6 Radikal Bitch (Farley & Heller's Bitch Mix) Armando
7 Didn't I Know? (Divas To The Dancefloor...Please) (Sound Factory Mix) E.G. Fullalove
8 The Way (Climacz Mix) J Daniel
9 Censored (Kamasutra Express) Kamasutra
10 Your Loving Arms (Soundfactory Vocal Mix) Billie Ray Martin
11 Don't Leave Me This Way (Vannelli & Vasquez Mixes) Thelma Houston
12 Let's Start Over (Underground Anthem Dub) Pamela Fernandez
13 Drop A House (Sound Factory Mix) Urban Discharge
14 Get Your Hands Off My Man Junior Vasquez
15 Love Me Tonight (Sound Factory Mix) J.D. Braithwaite
16 As I Am (Bootleg Sound Factory Mix) Sound Of One
17 Keep In Touch (Body To Body) (La Factoria Mix) Shades Of Love
18 May I Have The Mayonnaise Eating Habits
Disc 3 [CD]
1 Be Free Basement Jaxx
2 I'm So Grateful (Roc-n-Kato's Master Mix) Kings Of Tomorrow
3 Let It All Out Olav Basoski & Erick E
4 Satori (New Skool Sonic Mix) Satori
5 Sex On My Mind (DJ Pierre Mix) Urban Soul
6 Heaven Knows (Sound Factory Mix) Angel Moraes
7 Hideaway (Ali Needs To Score Mix) De'Lacy
8 The Search (Dobre & Jamez Mix) Trancesetters
9 Until We Meet Again (Hani's Heavenly Mix) Urban Soul
10 Reach Out To Me (Paper Boys Early Morning Mix) Karen Pollard
11 Philadelphia (David Morales Def Mix) Brooklyn Friends
12 Nada Mas XS
13 Fly To The Moon (Mood II Swing Mix) Indigo
14 Give Me Love Alcatraz