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Renaissance: The Mix Collection CD - REN17CD

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Renaissance: The Mix Collection
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  • CD
Monday 8th November 2004


Disc 1 [CD]
1 Bladerunner Remake
1 Song Of Life (Lemon Interupt Mix) Leftfield
1 'Til We Meet Again (Brothers In Rhythm Perkapella) Inner City
2 Song Of Life (Dub For Life) Leftfield
3 Song Of Life (Steppin' Razor Mix) Leftfield
4 For What You Dream Of (Full On Renaissance Mix) Bedrock KYO
5 Chronoclasm Rhythm Invention
6 De Niro (The Spaceflight Remix) The Disco Evangelists
7 State Of Mind (Quiet Mix) Mephisto
8 V.O.A.T. Moonchild
9 Perfect Motion (Boys Own Mix) Sunscreem
10 Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochun) (Junior Boys Own Super Dub) River Ocean
11 Keep On (Pressin' On) (Didn't I Show You Luv) That Kid Chris
13 House Stompin' (Big Bump Mix) Bump
14 Child Bride (Feedback Max Mix) F Machine
15 Stand Above Me Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Disc 2 [CD]
1 Slid (PDF Mix) Fluke
2 Let's Get This Party Started (Party Mix) Funk Machine
3 Slid (Scat & Sax Frenzy) Fluke
4 Trust (Pink Mix) Corrado
5 Trance Wave One (MBG Oriental Psycho East Mix) MBG
6 Talk To Me (Sasha's Full Music Master Mix) Hysterix
7 Angel Anna Din
8 Mismoplastico (Dirtysyncomix) Virtualmismo
9 Mismoplastico (Original Mix) Virtualmismo
10 Always (Psychedelic Martini Remix) Fishbone Beat
11 Not Over Yet (Perfecto Mix) Grace
12 She Holds The Key (H.A.L.F. I'm A Believer Mix) Secret Life
13 Do You Wanna Know (Gut Drum Mix) Funtopia
14 Tranceillusion V.F.R.
15 Was That All It Was (Def Mix) Kym Mazelle
Disc 3 [CD]
1 I Can't Forget You (Fathers Of Sound Pleasure Mix) Anthony White
2 Go (Night Time Mix) Moby
3 Show Some Love (Original Dub) Jaco
4 Little Bullet (High Velocity Mix) Spooky
5 Sublime Sublime
6 Another Sleepless Night (Bassman Mix) Shawn Christopher
7 The Age Of Love Suite (Trance Dub & Fantasy Mix) Unity 3
8 They're Here (D-Ream Remix) Emf
9 Solar Plexus Solar Plexus
10 Ethnic Prayer (Euro Mix) Havana
11 Bombscare 2 Bad Mice
12 Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Club Mix) Age Of Love
13 It's My Pleasure (Club Mix) My Friend Sam Viola Wills
14 Dirty Lemon Interupt