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Storm: A Showcase Of The Worlds Finest Hard House Club CD - TIDYSTORM01

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Storm: A Showcase Of The Worlds Finest Hard House Club
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Wednesday 25th June 2008


Disc 1 [CD]
1 U Found Out (Tony De Vit Remix) The Handbaggers
2 What Ya Got 4 Me? (Andy Farley Remix) Signum
3 Coming On Strong (Genix Remix) Signum
4 Red Snapper K90
5 Revolution BK
6 Storm (BK & Nick Sentience Remix) Storm
7 Screwdriver Rachel Auburn
8 Bass Keeps Pumping Rachel Auburn
9 9 Bar (BK & Dbm Remix) OD404
10 Come On (Prime Mover Remix) Breather
11 Lost In Love (Paul Janes Remix) Legend B
12 Bad Ass (3am @ Convergence Mix) BK
13 Hoover Time Stimulant DJs
14 Stalker (Hoodlums Remix) Jon Bishop
15 Slingshot Defective Audio
16 Full Metal RR Fierce
17 Are You All Ready? Tony De Vit
Disc 2 [CD]
1 Nostalgia Stimulator
2 Always Something There Cortina
3 Komatose Scott Attrill Anne Savage
4 Let Me Show You (Nick Rafferty Vs Future Disciple Remix) K-Klass
5 Wicked Game Mindbender
6 Just One More Time Guyver
7 Holding On (Rob Tissera & Technikal Remix) Rob Tissera Quake
8 Mesmerised Paul Maddox
9 Lashed Track Lisa Lashes
10 Stabs N Tings Scott Attrill Anne Savage
11 Swinging Tidy Boys
12 Rush On Me Amber D
13 Shadows (BK's Back To 99 Remix) Tidy Boys BK
14 Take It Easy Kym Ayres
15 Everybody Move Your Body (Cyberdrive Remix) Alumina
Disc 3 [CD]
1 Alpha (Andy Farley Remix) Jon BW
2 The Jinx Base Graffiti Andy Farley
3 Momentum Paul Glazby
4 New Clear War Fair? Paul Glazby
5 Quiche Or Noodles Base Graffiti Andy Farley
6 Bail Out Base Graffiti Andy Farley
7 Afraid Of Me? Paul Glazby
8 Sorrow Paul Glazby Paul Maddox
9 Bass Vibration Base Graffiti Andy Farley
10 Backs Against The Wall Base Graffiti Andy Farley
11 Alien Animal Paul Glazby
12 I'm Your Nightmare 2008 Paul Glazby
13 Unknown Code Defective Audio
14 Psychomp Defective Audio
15 I Need To Know Paul Glazby