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Hot on the heels of her acclaimed success in The Good Life, Penelope Keith undertook a role that would further confirm her place as one of Britain s leading comic actors: the role of Audrey fforbes-Hamilton in To The Manor Born. Series One, first broadcast in 1979, finds Audrey mourning the death of her husband, but more importantly mourning his inability to handle his financial affairs. Forced to sell her beloved Grantleigh Manor, she is equally distressed to find it bought by upstart businessman Richard De Vere, a man with no concept of the history or the valued place of the Estate in the community. Audrey must roll her sleeves up. It s time for the ex-Lady of the Manor to put the new Lord in his place or vice versa. A battle of wits is about to take place that will find the winner To The Manor Born. Special Features: Interview with writer Peter Spence, Cast Filmographies, Production Notes, Subtitles

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To The Manor Born Series 1
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TV Series
Monday 9th May 2011
Acorn Media