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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This DVD features the entire collection of this critically-acclaimed Channel 4 drama Teachers, which is based around the lives, loves and timetables of a group of young comprehensive school teachers in Bristol. An irreverent comedy-drama that continues to steer clear of anything remotely educational or politically correct, the show delves into the lives of its hapless cast of teachers, whom no sane parent would want educating their children. Teachers stars Tamzin Malleson as the manipulative sex kitten Penny; Vicky Hall as Lindsay, the biology teacher with a healthy disregard for her pupils; Lloyd McGuire as the "new" Bob, having reinvented himself on the cusp of a mid-life crisis; Ursula Holden Gill as squiffy-eyed Carol; Ellen Thomas as scary Liz; and Gillian Bevan as the Head Teacher Clare. Added to these staffroom members are Ben (Mathew Horne), a hypochondriac atheist who teachers religious education; Ewan (Lee Williams), the unwitting heart-throb English teacher; and Damien (Daon Broni), the cynical teacher of food technology. Synopsis The fictional Summerdown and Wattkins Comprehensive Schools provide the two settings for Teachers over its four series. The cast includes an eccentric mix of teachers--both seasoned and young--and some rather raucous pupils, whose daily interactions make for loads of very humorous and entertaining incidents. Set as much outside of the classroom as it is inside, Teachers is a contemporary light-hearted series, where the staff find their personal lives just as problematic as their lives at school. REVIEW "Sharply scripted, irreverent and wickedly funny" -- The Guardian

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Teachers Series 1 to 4 Complete Collection
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Monday 6th November 2006
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