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House Afrika Sessions 2 CD - CDHAF1114

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House Afrika Sessions 2
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Monday 1st October 2012
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Disc 1
1 Afrikan Sax [Da Capo's Touch] Brazo Wa Afrika
2 Soul & Mind [Da Capo's Touch] Chymamusique
3 Should Have Told Da Capo
4 I Choose To Stay Da Capo
5 Something in mind [Dub Touch] Da Capo
6 Searchin 4 Love [Dub] Da Capo & Cuebur Feat. Lyrik Shoxen
7 Earth People Da Capo
8 Out There [Afro Touch] Da Capo Feat. Kaylow
9 Time Da Capo Feat. Lyrik Shoxen
10 Rising Star Da Capo
11 Take Me There [Da Capo's Deeper Touch] K.Zela Feat. Lwazi
12 Love Someone [Love Mix] Da Capo Feat. Lee Ann King
Disc 2
1 Sendivile DJ Fofo & Sthe Feat. Empress Lebo & Smash Mellow
2 Thoughts Of Perfection [Cherry Groove Main Mix] Viwe The-Don Vs. DJ Ladi
3 Appreciate Your Life [DJ Clock AM-PM Upbeat Mix] Smash Mellow
4 The Love I Feel For House Music [Don Pedro Reloaded Instrumental] Viwe The-Don & Reloaded Keys
5 Burn! Re-loaded Feat. Kabomo
6 Faith [Mercy Dub Mix] Mercy Feat. Annette Taylor
7 New Day [Reloaded Vocal Mix] Lil Soul Feat. Andyboi
8 Even Better Sthe And Mac
9 It's All A Lie [Dsoul Mass Mix] Cherry Groove Feat. Kgomotso
10 The Groove Speaks [Viwe Ladi Main Mix] Viwe The-Don Vs. DJ Ladi
11 Celebrate [Instrumental Mix] Re-loaded Feat. Vukology
12 Emotions DJ Mint
Disc 3
1 Love Life Keys Snow Feat. Jared Douglas
2 Let You Go Keys Snow Feat. Selloane
3 Happiness Keys Snow Feat. Mpho Maboi
4 ODE To Ethiopia Keys Snow Feat. Silas Fuphe
5 Download My Love Keys Snow Feat. Zano
6 Let You Fly (Harp So Sad) Keys Snow Feat. Martin East
7 A Re Rataneng Keys Snow Feat. Glenda Koka
8 Mariqinha Keys Snow Feat. Zulmira
9 Woo Me Love Keys Snow Feat. TK Goodman & Gugu
10 Morning Glory Keys Snow Feat. Kay IceQueen
11 You And Me Keys Snow Feat. S-tone
12 Mosadi Waka Keys Snow Feat. Morzaaq DefVillage
Disc 4
1 Would You Be Mine [Sculptured Music Mix] Clift Thomas Feat. Soul Delight
2 Love Is More Than A Feeling [Original Mix] Sculptured Music Feat. Kay Soul
3 Revolution [Original Mix] Sculptured Music Feat. Eddie Nicholas
4 Fade Away [Original Mix] Sculptured Music Feat. Caysoul
5 Goodbye [Original Mix] Sculptured Music Feat. Lil Soul
6 Sculptured Man [Original Mix] Sculptured Music Feat. Jigga
7 Green Side [Original Mix] Sculptured Music Feat. Kruna
8 Just Believe [Original Mix] Sculptured Music Feat. Thandi Draai
9 Calling Me [Original Mix] Sculptured Music Feat. Andi Boi
10 Jealous [Original Mix] Sculptured Music Feat. Loyiso
11 Don't Wanna Be Lonely Tonight [Sculptured Music Broken Mix] Clift Thomas
12 Another Day [Original Mix] Sculptured Music Feat. Mr. Sam
13 When I Feel Love [Original Mix] Sculptured Music Feat. Empress Lebo
Disc 5
1 Jazz Ville [Original Mix] Chymamusique
2 He IS Number One [Main Mix] Chymamusique Feat. Tebogo
3 Uber Vibes [Cannon-Soul Remix] Chymamusique
4 Give Me You [Main Mix] Chymamusique
5 Jazz According To House [Main Mix] Chymamusique
6 Something [Chymamusique Soulful Remix] Scotch Flavio Feat. Fifi
7 Go Deep Or Go Home [Original Mix] Chymamusique
8 Indoda [Chymamusique Deeper Mix] DJ Phat-Cat Feat. Nthabiseng
9 Surrounded By Love [Main Mix] Chymamusique
10 Soul And Mind [Chymamusique And Profound-Nation Remix] Chymamusique
11 Truth Hurts [Original Mix] Chymamusique
12 Life Goes On [Chymamusigue Raw-Deep Mix] Chymamusique Feat. Miss Sheila
13 Stomp Your Feet [Main Mix] Chymamusique