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Synopsis: From the legendary filmmaking duo Powell and Pressburger (A Matter of Life and Death, 1949 The Red Shoes), The Small Back Room is the story of the troubled love affair between a tormented back-room scientist and a secretary, told against a background of ministerial intrigue and Empire building. Sammy Rice (David Farrar) was the army’s finest bomb disposal officer until he was injured in the war. Now part of a specialist ‘back room’ team, he dismantles the boobytrapped devices being dropped by Nazi bombers. He falls in love with Susan (Kathleen Byron), a colleague, and the two begin a secret affair. However, embittered by life, he feels inferior: inferior as a lover, inferior as a man unable to wear uniform, inferior in his work. Although a brilliant scientist, he allows himself to be exploited by his power-hungry boss and haunted by his past, he drowns his sorrows in whiskey. Sammy’s life is descending into disarray when the news comes; a bomb has exploded with catastrophic consequences, and another has been found. Faced with the biggest challenge of his career, Sammy must face his demons and take his own life in his hands to solve the mystery of the bomb’s lethal mechanism. Extras: NEW - Restoring The Small Back Room • NEW - A Tortured Hero: Kevin Macdonald on The Small Back Room • NEW - Defusing The Archers: Ian Christie on The Small Back Room • Audio Commentary featuring film scholar Charles Barr • Interview with cinematographer Christoper Challis • The Making of An Englishman

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The Small Back Room
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  • DVD
Monday 3rd June 2024
Studio Canal (Optimum)