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Radio Rats - Night Thoughts & Jiving And Dying - The Radio Rats Story DVD+CD - RADIORATSNIGHTTHOUGHTS

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Night Thoughts & Jiving And Dying - The Radio Rats Story
Radio Rats
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Friday 30th September 2016
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Jiving And Dying - The Radio Rats Story - Radio Rats [DVD]
In late-1970s South Africa, there was a song on the radio about a spaceman called ZX Dan. It was by Radio Rats, a noisy little band from Springs, near Johannesburg. That song and hundreds more songwriter Jonathan Handley has penned since then remain an important part of South Africa’s musical landscape. They influenced James Phillips (aka Bernoldus Niemand) who went on to initiate the alternative Afrikaans music scene of the mid-80s, the Voëlvry “movement”. Jiving and Dying is an attempt to afford the Rats the place they deserve in the history of independent rock ’n’ roll in South Africa.
Night Thoughts 1 - Radio Rats [CD]
1 Modest Means Radio Rats
2 Puppy Fat Radio Rats
3 Deep, Dark, Introverted Girl Radio Rats
4 Mirror Man Radio Rats
5 Welcome To Undertown Radio Rats
6 Sugar Trade Radio Rats
7 All Ye People That In Springs Do Dwell Radio Rats
8 Orange Room Radio Rats
9 Things Will Turn Out Well Radio Rats
10 Car With Dark Windows Radio Rats
11 Hall Of Dreams Radio Rats
12 Snooze Police Blues Radio Rats
13 Sleepwalker Radio Rats
14 Sleep Thief Radio Rats
15 Anthems Of Doom Radio Rats
16 Elevator Man Radio Rats
17 Brand New Car Radio Rats
18 The Weight Of Her Hair Radio Rats
19 Radio Never Sleeps Radio Rats